2021 communication forecast — corporate communication

The nimble, purpose-driven communication that was made necessary by the global pandemic in 2020 will flavour the emerging trends of 2021.

In a series of articles penned by Rowland advisors across Corporate Communication, Digital, Organisational and Change Communication, and Creative, we’re bringing you our communication forecast the next 12 months.

To kick things off, we look at the communication trends that will drive corporate communication this year.

Corporate communication in 2021

While 2020 was a challenging year, many brands understood the importance of proactive, consistent and authentic communication during the pandemic — shaping the future of communication.

Marketing and Communication Manager Marci Powell shares her insights on the 2021 trends in corporate communication.

  • Virtual events are here to stay. However, ‘Zoom fatigue’ means brands that are creative about how online content is delivered, provide valuable insights and personalise experiences will keep pace with change.
  • Building meaningful connections. Now more than ever, and with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, people are craving human interaction — purposeful communication, authenticity and true engagement, will make way for more meaningful connections with stakeholders.
  • Brands had to pivot or fall behind in 2020. Not one company that survived 2020 didn’t pivot its engagement strategy. The public feedback loops of the past will make way for collaboration and buy-in. The smart brands will invite customers in to participate as ambassadors, influencers, co-creators, and innovators.

Expect to see some exciting advances in communication and technology in 2021. But while there are new and exciting channels and quick wins for personalisation — transparency and authenticity trump all. Engage your stakeholders the right way and give them the right information at the right time, and you are set for success.

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