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Delivering real impact

At Rowland, we create campaigns with real meaning — connecting our clients to their audiences every time, creating memorable experiences, telling compelling stories, and shaping customer behaviour over time.

With campaign, communication, engagement, digital, brand and reputation services under one roof, Rowland clients receive the benefits of our multi-disciplinary communication approach.

Whether your goal is advocacy, reputation, positioning, behavioural change, or simply awareness, Rowland can develop a campaign that engages, influences perceptions, and has real impact on behaviour.

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Public advocacy campaigns

When it’s critical to bring about positioning, policy, societal or industry change, Rowland has a strong record in public advocacy campaigns that tackle the complex issues that fall outside of ‘business-as-usual’ challenges.

Often, traditional stakeholder engagement, marketing communication or advertising cannot solve the problem in isolation, and the solution requires equal parts strategy, behavioural science and creativity to ensure a suitable outcome.

Our work in public advocacy campaigning has helped shift the needle and brought about considerable change for clients spanning geographic boundaries and industries such as healthcare, infrastructure, government, resources, human services, education and property.

Our services

  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement analysis and communication planning
  •  Overarching communication strategy to drive awareness, engagement or behaviour change
  • Design and implementation of tactical change communication programs
  • Executive coaching and training
  • Brand positioning advice
  • In-house implementation support and program management

Brand positioning and awareness campaigns

Representing the aspirations of an organisation, motivation for employees, or the future of a region, Rowland treats corporate identity as a powerful organisational tool to realise a vision.

We cover the campaign from beginning to end — from strategy development, preparation of key messages, frequently asked questions, to design of fact sheets and collateral, social media posts, advertisements and more.

Our services

  • Campaign strategy
  • Brand campaigns
  • Creative concepting copywriting and design
  • Digital and social media strategy and campaigns
  • Mass media campaigns — outdoor, radio, TV
  • Microsite development
  • Development and production

Content and video production

Our studio has the experts to create, shoot, produce and deliver every aspect of your campaign production process.

Our mantra is to create visual stories that stick, crafting stories as big or small as you need them to be. The only thing they are never small on is production value.

Our services

  • Video production and animation
  • Explainer videos
  • Corporate vignettes
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding
  • Filming, audio and editing
  • Professional voice overs