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Supporting business transformation with focused, data-led change programs


Bill Gates declared in 1999 that, in the digital age, business needed to be conducted at the speed of thought.

Since then, the digital revolution has put change into hyperdrive and made vast amounts of global knowledge available to individuals on portable devices.

Media and information have been democratised and artificial intelligence is creating opportunities that were once the sole domain of science fiction.

In this environment organisations need to keep up with the context in which they operate.

They need to constantly innovate, incubate and transform how they brand and compete to avoid missing opportunities or losing relevance.

This is where we help.

Rowland can help you tap into the public discourse on issues impacting your organisation, your products, or the areas in which you operate. Our knowledge of the political, economic and social context helps us provide deep intelligence and insights on your data. We also provide strategies and facilitate partnerships to help you hone-in on your target audiences and influence debate.


  • Sentiment analysis
  • Data-based research support
  • Stakeholder engagement

Our annual “Megamorphs” report provides clients with insightful intelligence on major global changes. Alternatively, we can tailor a particular report for your sector or organisation. We also provide quarterly analysis and political, economic and social updates on major changes impacting your operating environment.

We regularly attend events and meetings to provide trends updates or facilitate discussions on how to integrate trend movements into your organisational strategy and narrative.


  • Global megatrends analysis
  • Competitor and environmental analysis
  • Regular political, economic and social updates
  • Tailored intelligence reports
  • Presentations and facilitated discussions on all aspects of global and communication change

The way organisations engage with external audiences has changed profoundly over the past decade. State-of-the-art audience engagement now involves a complex interplay between:

  • Owned: A website “mothership” that operates like your own media outlet to forge a credible space in the global content and search ecosystem.
  • Shared: A social media strategy that allows you to take part in conversations that bring your stories to life.
  • Earnt: Media coverage on high-influence and niche media sites to take your stories to the right audiences.
  • Insured: Native/Sponsored content (paid) and influencer partnerships that allow you to place high quality stories on large audience sites.
  • Bought: Paid marketing activity that amplifies your content and uses big-data to hone in precisely on the audiences you want to reach.

Rowland can help you with all aspects of this ecosystem, including a complete end-to-end audit of your platform structure and how it matches with your customer journey.

Change is a constant in any organisation.

Creating the right messages at the right level to support the change imperative is a crucial factor in its success.

Rowland can help you develop powerful, well-articulated business strategies, created in the context of deep insights and global trends.

We’ll also help you deal with all aspects of change communication, including leader messaging and placing the change in the context of broader societal and economic trends.


  • Business strategy development
  • Visioning and ideation
  • Defining your purpose and understanding your future-state requirements
  • Setting clear goals and objectives and developing actionable strategies
  • Morphing strategy ownership for new teams or Boards
  • Facilitated annual strategy health checks
  • Change management communication and support
  • Speeches, presentations and narrative to drive your transformation agenda
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy development
  • Brand reset and reinvention

As we move deeper into the 21st century it is not enough to just do business successfully. Organisations increasingly need to be part of the solution and adopt practices that ensure our environment is sustainable, our practices are inclusive, and we have the right compliance and ethics practices in place.

This is being somewhat driven by regulatory and legislative requirement, but companies also need to build an ESG mindset into organisational narrative, long-term strategies and talent attraction programs. We need new plans, new ways, and new stories for a very different world.

Rowland can help with all aspects of your ESG ecosystem. In particular we can help you to make it real, relevant, effective and exciting.

Through our global affiliation with the FleishmanHillard agency, we have access to vast international experience across all aspects of communication, stakeholder engagement and data intelligence.

Through Rowland you can ensure your business transformation activity is benchmarked against global best practice.

We can also tap into FleishmanHillard’s expertise across major issues and industries, such as:

  • Resources and energy
  • Health
  • Defence
  • Employee value propositions
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion