2021 communication forecast — creative

COVID coloured our world in 2020 and it’s making organisations pivot again in 2021 — just not in the way you would traditionally think.

The final article in our 2021 communication forecast series promises this year will be a fascinating one in the Creative space.

Creative and design in 2021

If as the saying goes, ‘the darkest hour is before the dawn’, then the following predictions for 2021 compiled by Creative Director Dean Power capture the collective mood and perhaps hopeful mindset that after 2020, the only way is truly up.

  • Gen Z and ‘The Bigger Picture’. In the ‘always on’ age of social media, many are saying brands should take a public stand on social/political issues, which has a direct impact on marketing and content creation, pushing a drive toward brands that are ‘meaningful’. The trend is on the rise, but with none more so than Gen Z, who, comprising over 40% of the world’s population, are literally the demographic of the future. They ask, ‘how does your organisation and brand add value?’ and ‘is it consistent with your brand purpose and narrative?’.
  • Keeping it real. Mirroring this trend in the world of creative photography and imagery there is a focus on the personal impact of the social, political, and environmental changes. In 2021, personal experience will continue to be brought to the forefront (with mental health and positive body image particular touchpoints). On the back of the hardships of 2020, the trend to show real people (and not carefully selected and presented models) will likely continue into 2021, reflecting a need to capture authentic stories and images celebrating human tenacity and resilience.
  • Warm, strong tones. The human, personal focus in creative outputs will likely be continued in the world of colour trends. Even corporate imagery is seeing a movement from traditional cooler blues and greens towards warmer palettes to show ‘realness’, humanity and relatability. Meanwhile Pantone Colour Systems announced their colours of the year as a pairing of light grey and a sunshine yellow, highlighting a mood of strength, solidity and resilience underscored with a sense of hope and positivity.

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