Access to international insights through COVID-19 Global Taskforce

Crisis management has been a significant part of the Rowland business since its formation, but never in my 30+ years of business have I seen a crisis so far reaching as COVID-19.

The economic fallout has impacted businesses like never before, and while Australia may be ahead of its international neighbours in its health response to the pandemic, there is still a lot we can learn from our global friends on the economic recovery that is sure to come.

To ensure organisations are best positioned for “the other side”, Rowland has access to the FleishmanHillard COVID-19 Global Taskforce, helping organisations protect and build their reputations during the coronavirus pandemic, in both the short and long terms.

The Taskforce meets daily to share best practice, resources and the latest information from across the FH network, and to identify the approaches that are most effective in what is a fast-moving situation, as crisis response strategies play out in real time across a range of industries and countries.

And while the health and safety of employees, customers and their families are still a high priority, the momentum and the conversation — particularly in Australia — is shifting to recovery.

In most circumstances, recovery from the most significant economic imposition the world has ever experienced is going to be an evolutionary process, not a linear transition. The most successful businesses will focus on resurgence by considering a range of scenarios that will be very different from the market dynamics that existed only a few months ago.

But all successful crisis recoveries share one core characteristic — the seeds of recovery start at the earliest stages of crisis response. Despite the size or complexity of the crisis, and the diverse range of pressures that organisations confront today, leaders need to look ahead to multiple recovery and resurgence strategies.

A key aspect of this will be how they manage relationships and communicate differently in an economic environment shaped by new expectations of consumers, employees, shareholders, regulators and other business stakeholders.

The “status quo” is not a solution for robust, agile business moving into 2021 and beyond. Organisations need to move from today’s “business as possible” to the strongest possible recovery in the context of the reality we will find ourselves in at the end of the pandemic curve.

To prepare your business for a post-COVID recovery or for advice and support to help your business through right now, draw on Rowland’s extensive expertise across crisis and issues management, media relations, internal and organisation communication, stakeholder engagement, digital and marketing communication, and training. Contact us today.