Influence and inspire: Step It Up and present like a pro

Find your voice, own the room and share ideas with impact

There’s a reason why ideas have been coined ‘the currency of our time’. They have the capacity to change our world and shape our thinking; to open our eyes to new possibilities and diverse voices.

And big ideas are big business.

Yet in a world that’s loud and busy, our ability to effectively and confidently communicate can mean the difference between an idea taking off and falling flat.

In many ways, clever communication makes ideas clever and if we seek to influence and inspire, we must learn how to spark interest and hold attention.

Present like a pro

At Rowland, we understand the value of bold ideas and compelling communication. It’s not only central to the work we do, but critical to the success of every business. And it’s why we’ve developed an online course to help others present like a pro.

Step It Up Presentation Skills’ covers the entire presentation process from preparation through to content and delivery.

Once seen as a ‘nice-to-have’ for a select few, ‘soft skills’ like public speaking are now considered a ‘must have’ for all. Yet while its value appears well understood, for many, the skill remains underdeveloped.

A 2019 report from Deloitte found that by year 2030, two-thirds of jobs in Australia will be soft-skill intensive, yet more than 60 per cent of workers suffer from ‘glossophobia’ — a fear of public speaking.

Similar sentiments were shared in LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Jobs report that found soft skills constitute some of the largest skills gaps. In America alone, oral communication remains the skill group with the biggest shortage in nearly every city across the country.

Everyone can benefit from stepping it up

Whether it’s a meeting, pitch, panel or presentation, clear communication is critical to any success. And it’s no longer just the CEO, Chairman or media spokesperson required to step-up. It’s everyone.

With cleverly constructed communication we can engage our audience, form connections with our clients, influence our customers and motivate our colleagues.

Public speaking is an art, and when done right, a real asset

The benefits of having strong presentation skills speak for themselves (pun intended). Even Warren Buffett, the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ and one of the most successful businessmen of all time, understood the importance of holding your own in front of a room.

He has gone on the record as saying that having strong communication skills will not only set you apart from your peers, but will also boost your bottom line.

Buffet believes that improving such skills can increase an individual’s value by 50 per cent. Imagine then if businesses invested in developing these skills in every single employee.

‘Step it Up Presentation Skills’ is structured into four modules where you will learn to tap into your existing ability to communicate ideas clearly — taking your presentations to the next level.

Individual and group licences are available. Find your voice, stand out from the crowd, own the room and lay the foundations for your future success with Rowland’s award-winning* ‘Step It Up Presentation Skills’.

*Rowland’s ‘Step It Up Presentation Skills’ has been awarded Silver for the Best eLearning Design — Shift-It-Online at the 2019 LearnX Live Awards.