Message from the Chairman – October 2019

At Rowland, we are incredibly passionate about the role of communication and creativity in business.

The alignment of, and with, stakeholders and a comprehensive understanding of the multiplicity of environments in which businesses operate is critical to effective business strategy, decision-making and execution. And with the world becoming an increasingly chaotic place — with regard to government, politics, economics, trade, interest groups — at no time has communication discipline and agility been more important.

Welcome to the October 2019 edition of Rowland On Point, where we aim to provide our clients, associates and friends with quality thought-leadership commentary on key areas of interest.

In this edition, my colleagues who have authored the articles have not disappointed, and cover a range of key topics such as gamification, politics, sustainability, brand equity, crisis preparedness and trademarking. We also highlight some key initiatives at Rowland including a very first — our inaugural on-line training offering, Step It Up — which is an easy and cost-effective way for people to access our 27-year heritage of assisting business leaders enhance their presentation skills.

I trust you enjoy this edition of Rowland On Point.

Geoff Rodgers OAM