Rowland and CCIQ webinar series: Communication for business leaders

Doing business in the current COVID-19 environment is the very definition of unprecedented. We’ve never seen anything like it. Which means we don’t always have the answers. But if you’re leading a business, people are counting on you and expect you to show up, every day.

And this is hard. We recognise that, and so does the team at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

Rowland, in partnership with CCIQ, is running a series of short, 30-minute webinars to help businesses across Queensland navigate their way through the communication challenges that come with running a business during a global pandemic, and delivering practical advice that will remain relevant beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

In this first webinar Communication for business leaders, Rowland’s Founder and Chairman Geoff Rodgers shares some of his personal leadership and business experiences to provide genuine insights to help SMEs navigate these challenging times.

So how do businesses respond?

  • Communication is critical — always in business generally, but particularly during a crisis and something as earth-shatteringly impactful as this situation.
  • People are increasingly searching for more ways to connect — so make use of these opportunities.
  • The business world is changing and will change for ever — there will be new norms, new ways of doing business. Adapt, be agile and flexible.
  • Take people on the journey with you — staff, customers, supply chain, sales distribution, advisers, influencers, government. They’re all critical to reaching the other side.

And what if you’re feeling the pressure?

Rowland’s Chief Operating Officer, Fiona Sperou has practical tips on how to show up as a leader, even when the future is uncertain.

  1. Secure your own oxygen mask first — recognise the signs when you’re feeling the pressure and take time to reset. You won’t be any support to your team, if you don’t help yourself first.
  2. Show up by preparing — write down the three most important points you want to get across in your interaction.
  3. Check your attitude, your mood and your mindset — make sure it’s appropriate for the style and purpose of the exchange. The group will take their cue from you!

Watch the Communication for business leaders video for even more insights and tips.