Brisbane Airport Corporation

Reputation Management

Refreshing BAC’s corporate story

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has been a valued client of Rowland for many years.

One of our key projects together was back in 2011, when BAC faced a number of key operational challenges that were impacting its ability to achieve strategic objectives.

Rowland’s research determined that a lack of understanding about BAC’s exact role, responsibilities and vision had created a ‘disconnect’ between the organisation and its stakeholders.

Rowland assisted with the development of a new corporate story, proactive positioning and an implementation plan.

Key initiatives included the development of a corporate video to communicate BAC’s value proposition to key stakeholders locally and internationally.

Internal engagement around BAC’s corporate story equipped all staff with the language to consistently and authentically position the corporation through formal and informal interactions.

Finally, key stakeholder engagement opportunities were leveraged to proactively position BAC in line with the implementation plan recommendations.

BAC’s consistent application of the refreshed corporate story, using the tools and channels outlined in the implementation plan, enabled it to take back control of its positioning.


  • Communication strategy
  • Corporate positioning
  • Reputation management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Video production

Through the consistent application of its refreshed corporate story, BAC took back control of its positioning.