Construction Skills Queensland

Digital strategy

Growing brand awareness and social media engagement

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an independent, not-for-profit, industry-funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices, trainees and career seekers in the building and construction industry through The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (Qld).

After launching its new website in 2019, CSQ engaged Rowland to develop a digital marketing strategy to amplify its efforts in growing brand awareness among its target market, with a specific focus on increasing engagement on CSQ’s digital channels.

Rowland developed a 12-month strategic digital blueprint outlining the processes, recommended schedules and targeted content required to achieve maximum reach and awareness of key messages.

During the process, Rowland’s Digital and Marketing Communication teams collaborated with CSQ’s internal team to identify and articulate the organisation’s key target personas across all digital stakeholder touchpoints and channels.

This included a review of CSQ’s current online footprint and analytics to define key audience demographics and characteristics in reference to their online channel behaviour.

Rowland’s StreetSmart technology was applied to CSQ’s website to track user geographical and page flow information and Hotjar was also applied to the website to monitor on page engagement and call-to-action usage.

After developing and delivering a tailored digital marketing blueprint to guide CSQ’s online activity and KPIs, Rowland’s approach was to:

  • provide ongoing digital analytics reporting to inform ongoing engagement strategies
  • upskill CSQ’s internal Marketing Communication team in the digital landscape
  • work as an extension of the CSQ team to proactively co-create digital content in line with the expectations of CSQ’s digital target personas.

This ongoing process of digital optimisation has created a 113 per cent increase in social media referrals, and 67 per cent increase in Facebook engagement leading to an overall increase in brand awareness among key stakeholders and the target market.

Laying the strategic digital foundations for CSQ’s communication with stakeholders, Rowland continues to provide the organisation with implementation support including:

  • content creation for social media channels
  • graphic design and visual asset creation for digital and traditional marketing collateral
  • ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) support
  • strategic guidance on website developments and A/B tested designs.


  • Digital marketing communication strategy
  • Digital upskilling and training
  • User experience (UX) strategy
  • Digital hypothesis testing
  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Strategic content creation
  • Web analytics tracking
  • Applied user analytics for persona creation

Digital optimisation has created a 113% increase in social media referrals, and 67% increase in Facebook engagement, leading to an overall increase in brand awareness among key stakeholders and the target market.