Crisis response manuals

Preparation is key

During an issue or crisis, the difference between organisations that emerge with their reputation and stakeholder relationships intact and those that don’t, can often be attributed to their level of preparedness, and how the organisation reacts during this difficult time.

Rowland has worked side-by-side with clients on some of the most high-impact, high-profile issues and crises.

From significant environment disasters and on-site fatalities, to cyber security breaches and product recalls, organisations are at their most vulnerable when an issue or crisis strikes.

Crucial to the preparation and effective management of an issue or crisis is the development of an issues and crisis manual — an important and necessary document used to effectively guide the communication response.

The manual is based on an understanding of an organisation’s unique operating environment, including its communication approach, channels, tools, protocols, stakeholders and organisational principles which will guide decision making and communication when in a high-pressure environment.

We also work with clients to understand high impact and high likelihood risk scenarios which would pose the greatest risk to an organisation’s reputation and operations, and then develop foundation materials which provide a platform for communication and can be customised based on the circumstance.

Our issues and crisis communication response manuals reflect the simplicity or complexity of each organisation, but they all provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is a clear, documented process to follow, and allow organisations to maintain a sense of control over how events unfold.

Not only do our manuals serve as a roadmap to assist with procedures, decision-making and the communication response, they also demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to meeting its legal and moral obligations to minimise any potential impact on stakeholders.


  • On-call, 24/7 crisis and issues management specialists
  • Crisis and issues communication strategy and advice
  • Media advice and monitoring
  • Community perceptions auditing using sophisticated digital tools
  • Litigation communication support
  • Spokesperson training
  • Crisis preparedness
  • Crisis exercises and training
  • Brand and reputation recovery
  • Regulatory, government and political interface
  • Special interest group embracement

We help equip leadership teams and their staff with the knowledge and tools they need, guiding them through an issue or crisis with as little impact on company reputation and operations as possible.