Energy Transition Minerals


A brand strategy conveying momentum, optimism and strength

Energy Transition Minerals (ETM) is a global, advanced technology metals business empowering the transition to a carbon neutral world. With lithium assets in Spain and Greenland, and as a new global entity with a strategic vision to deliver a more circular and more electrified economy, ETM had the opportunity to build a brand to instil trust and confidence among those who can influence its success, including a new generation of investor.

ETM_presentation deck?width=1440

Energising earth’s evolution was articulated as the core essence of the brand strategy, positioning ETM as a company expediting a clean energy future that our environment and ways of life, both globally and locally, are relying on.

Central to the new identity, the ETM logo depicts the journey of energy from its origins in the earth, and its transformation toward a positive and ambitious future. The energising colour palette reflects enthusiasm and confidence in a shared vision.


  • Brand positioning
  • Key messaging
  • Brand development
  • Logo and identity design
  • Brand application
  • Brand guidelines

Empowering the transition to a carbon neutral world and a bold new chapter for the technology metals sector.