Sunshine Coast Airport


From transport hub to true destination

Inspired by the vistas and colours of the region — the sun at sunrise, colours of the hinterland, oceans and waterways, and the sky at sunset.

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Waves breaking with sunset behind them?width=1440
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Rowland conducted workshops with key representatives from the airport to distil the foundations of the brand. The resulting narrative seized on the airport’s role as an economic enabler at the heart of a thriving region, and as Australia’s only carbon-neutral airport, positioning SCA as ‘the natural choice’, a place where people work, visit and stay.


  • Brand positioning
  • Key messaging
  • Brand development
  • Logo design
  • Identity design
  • Brand application
  • Brand guidelines

With a compelling and unique visual brand, SCA is poised to take its place in the success story of the Sunshine Coast.