Rowland Connect is an innovative, eco-friendly solution to sharing your business contact information, removing the need for endless printing of business cards for networking.

NFC technology

No need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or to download yet another app, our e-business cards, tags and discs use Near Field Communication technology (NFC) to transfer information directly to a smart phone within seconds, taking trade stands, events and customer interactions to the next level.

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Available in a variety of customisable formats


Connect Disc – ideal for trade displays, reception desks


Connect Tag – easy to carry, attach to your keys or keep in your wallet


Connect Card – replace traditional business cards

Instant connection

From instantly sharing your contact details, to directly linking to your website, landing page or social media channels, Rowland Connect e-business card, disc, or tag will take people wherever you want them to go.

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Customised design

With our custom card, made from recycled plastic, you can add your own branding and details for a personalised experience. The possibilities are endless.

The smart choice

If you want to become known for making smarter choices and being at the forefront of technology, Rowland Connect e-business cards, tags and discs are for you.




No app required




Reduces carbon footprint




Generate/keep track of client leads


Most smartphones today have NFC technology built-in and enabled by default. Older phones (post iPhone 6) can access profiles by scanning the QR code with the device camera.

Since the destination is controlled by your website, you can direct it to where you want it to go. Any printed information on the card, or direct contact information in the NFC chip or QR code, will need a new card to be printed.

Yes, you can order as many cards as you need. Add your whole team and seamlessly change ownership as team members join and leave your organisation.

Rowland Connect uses integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code technology to make connecting easy – similar to your tap and go credit cards.

This process varies depending on the complexity of the solution and design. Typically your card can be ready within a few weeks, from design to delivery.

Not at all! We work with you to develop a card design, once that’s set up and you’re ready to roll it out, it’s as simple as getting each person’s information.

Change the way you connect.

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