BNE Stories


Personal stories position BNE as part of Brisbane’s lifeblood and beyond

With Brisbane’s new runway landing in 2020, providing new economic opportunities and new flight paths, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) asked Rowland to develop a community campaign to advocate the benefits of a 24/7 airport and better engage Brisbane residents regarding the airport’s (BNE) contribution to the city’s prosperity.

We saw the potential to elevate the ways in which the airport connects people beyond being a travel hub, and create stories that would help forge an emotional, versus an economic, connection to the airport. Stories that would surprise and delight, which may otherwise go untold. We also identified stories that involved people who lived and worked in those suburbs that would be most impacted by new flight paths.

We unearthed more than a dozen captivating stories to position BNE as part of the lifeblood of Brisbane and beyond. With plenty of engaging creative to choose from – including video content – the campaign remained fresh and captivating throughout, ensuring cost efficient and effective delivery.


  • Campaign
  • Design and video
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement

In the initial three months of the digital (static and video) and OOH campaign, BNE Stories achieved almost 222,800 in Facebook reach, more than 570,685 video views on Facebook and YouTube, and more than 7,340 landing page views.